Luminous Water Purifier Review, Price List and Buying Guide

Luminous Water Purifier Review, Price List and Buying Guide - Luminous water purifiers are one of the latest companies venturing into the water purification industry. They make water purifiers under the name of LivPure water purifiers. They use the technology of RO+UV+UF. With avant-garde image for the future, they have envisioned purification of water to be their utmost goal. It not gives safe drinking water to the mass to be consumed but also focuses mainly on the method used in water treatment and purification. Within six months of its launch, Luminous LivPure water purifier won the Water Digest, Water award 2012-2013 for ‘Upcoming Innovative Domestic Water Purifier’ for the category of RO+UV+UF Water Purifiers.

Luminous water purifiers made Sachin Tendulkar its brand ambassador and within six months they started seeing the outputs in the form of the number of their water purifiers being sold.


It is basically an abbreviation used for Reverse Osmosis. In this method, de…

LG Water Purifier Review, Price List and Buying Guide

LG Water Purifier Review, Price List and Buying Guide - LG water purifiers have bought a revolution in the water tidying technology. They have this unique formulation which uses UV technology to filter the drinking water. It has an inert hygienic storage container and a clear visibility of the water to the consumer. Also the storage container is made up of stainless steel which does not let the bacteria and protozoans to grow and multiply. This is also accompanied by the UV sterilization technique through which water remains bacteria free even when the water has been storing for a long time and isn’t getting used. The intensity of these UV Rays is enough to keep the water bacteria free hence preventing us from getting disease prone through many water related diseases and it also acts as a bactericidal inside the water. Not only this, but it helps in prevention of corrosion, rust and scaling inside the container of the Purifier.

The next technology that is used is Electrolysis Steriliz…

Philips Water Purifier Review, Price List and Buying Guide

Philips Water Purifier Review, Price List and Buying Guide - Water purifiers have brought upon a milestone in water industry by providing safe and healthy drinking water. There have come various kinds of water purifiers in the market. Now in every kitchen there is a water purifier that provides healthy and safe drinking water. The RO and UV Technology came into practice in the early 90’s.

Philips Water Purifier promises to give an immaculate form of drinking water. Philips is known for its best quality products and excellent services. In water purifiers, they have used UV Technology as well as Activated Carbon technology to render the drinking water pure and free of all the organic as well as inorganic maliferous things.

UV technology is very beneficial for eradicating the water borne bacteria, amoebae, parasites and viruses. They either kill these micro-organisms or render them dormant enhancing the quality of the drinking water and making it safe for drinking. They are more often th…

Bluebird Pure Water Purifiers Review, Price List and Buying Guide

Bluebird Pure Water Purifiers Review, Price List and Buying Guide: These days’ people are very conscious on their eating and drinking habits. When talked about drinking safe water, it is essential to purify it to a level that it could be used by the mass. Bluebird Pure water purifiers work in the same direction and for the same purpose in rendering the drinking water to be of high quality and mineralized. For which it has come up with a Alkarich technology. This technology promises a replenished and safe drinking water to all the people using it. These water purifiers come in 4 categories namely Domestic RO, Commercial RO, Industrial RO and Offline water purifiers.

Domestic range of water purifiers, 8 stages of filtration is introduced wherein RO+UV+UF+ Alkarich technologies will work together proving you with the purest form of water.

Commercial range of water purifiers ensures the purification of 50 liters per hour. This has 7 stages of filtration and is quite compatible with water …

Whirlpool Water Purifiers Review, Price List and Buying Guide

Whirlpool Water Purifiers Review, Price List and Buying Guide: Purification of water is quite a recent concept. With the advancement in technology, water purifiers have taken over the most basic necessity of humans i.e. water.

Whirlpool promises to deliver the best quality purifier using a technology known as MES (MINERAL ENRICHMENT SYSTEM) whereinall the required minerals which are necessary for the body are given back in the process of filtration. And this time only the minerals that are essential for us are provided back like calcium, magnesium and sodium. Also it claims to give you a better taste in the water by maintaining its pH balance. Health being the foremost concern of this purifier, it raises the bar for sure.

It has a 9 stage purification system which includes Pre-filter, Sediment, pre-carbon, RO, Post-carbon, MES and MicroBlock.

Pre-filter removes all the suspended dust, silt and mud that is very prevalent in the normal tap water. In addition it safeguards the main filte…

Water Purifier and the Latest Filter Technology

Water Purifier & the Latest Filter Technology: Water is known as “Elixir of Life”. 70% of human body consists of water. Drinking impure water or untreated water can lead to many diseases. In order to avoid such water contaminant diseases to spread, water purification is very important. Though there are not disadvantages of water purification process, there are certainly short comings of various purification technologies. Today, not every household is getting purified water. Hence the need of water purifiers is increasing day-by-day. It is essential to purify the water before drinking. Water purifiers are being manufactured using various purification technologies such as Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Filtration, Ultra Violet rays etc.
Advantages of Water Purification:
1) Protection against harmful organisms

Most of the water supplied directly from sources is not fit drinking. Purification treatment is compulsory. Water can contain microorganisms which are harmful for health. Water purifiers…

Tata Swach Water Purifiers Review, Price List and Buying Guide

Tata Swach Water Purifiers Review, Price List and Buying Guide: The product of the India’s most trusted and largest business house TATAs, the Tata Swach has made its place in the market right from its launch. Its products are known for low cost, low maintenance and user-friendly features. It uses a unique and advanced TSRF technology along with silver Nano technology for purification of water. It has won 7 global awards in various categories like design, technology, easiness to use etc. It was also voted product of the year in 2012 by an independent consumer survey. The most important advantage of tata swach is that their products have advanced technology and are available at economical rates when compared with other products in the market. Some of the successful models from Tata Swach are listed along with their prices below.
List of Some Best Tata Swach Water Purifiers with RO, UV, UF & TDS Water Filter:
1) Tata Swach Viva Silver: Rs 6,500

This UV+UF water purifier is one of the m…